Bach to Books

Bach to Books is the name for the Friends’-sponsored arts and humanities series offered at the library, free to the community. Artists, writers, and musicians appear at the library and share their talents.

The main goal of Bach to Books is to share a variety of programs featuring music, dance, visual arts, literature, history and more with the people of our community for their enjoyment and enlightenment. We offer these programs free to the public, so that everybody can attend. Most events are held in the auditorium in the library.

Upcoming Events

Here are our upcoming events. Also, check the Library Calendar or call (214) 509-4911 for more information about any Bach to Books performances.

Secret Service Agent J. Walter Coughlin

Secret Service Agent J. Walter Coughlin

Thursday, November 16th 7:30

J. Walter Coughlin, former Secret Service agent to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, Vice President Humphrey, and other dignitaries, shares his memories of those harrowing times at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, November 16 at the Allen Public Library.  Coughlin was a U.S. Secret Service agent from 1961 to 1977.

Coughlin was a member of the advance team for Kennedy’s famous trip to Berlin.  It was here where the President delivered one of the more famous speeches in American history, declaring “Ich bin ein Berliner” (I am a Berliner) to an enthusiastic crowd.  This was before the unification of Germany, when West Berlin was surrounded by communist East Germany. Protecting the President here was a daunting task.  Walter accompanied the President as the motorcade drove by the Berlin wall.

Judyth Baker

Lee Harvey Oswald’s Girlfriend, Judyth Baker

Monday, November 20th 7:30 PM

In her memoir Lee and Me: How I Came To Know, Love, And Lose Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth Baker insists that Oswald did not murder President Kennedy in November of 1963.

Come hear Judyth recount her story at 7:30 p.m. Monday, November 20, at the Allen Public Library.   For security reasons, Baker lives overseas and rarely makes live American appearances, so take this rare opportunity to hear her speak.

Baker met Oswald in 1963 while working for Dr. Alton Ochsner, the former president of the American Cancer Society, and they became romantically involved.   Baker explains that Oswald was also part of the Ochsner project. According to her book, the cancer research helmed by Ochsner was connected to efforts in bringing down Cuba’s then-president Fidel Castro through biological means. The goal of the project was to inject the guerrilla leader with a fast-spreading cancer.

Zorya Ukrainian and Veselka Dancers

Zorya Ukrainian Dancers and Veselka Singers

Saturday, December 16th 7:30 PM

Bring in the holidays with Zorya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Dallas at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, December 16, at the Allen Public Library.  This unique folk dance group has been entertaining audiences throughout Texas for over 42 years.

The name Zorya, meaning “rising star,” was chosen not only to reflect the group’s Ukrainian roots but also its ties to the Lone Star State.  From its home grown “Texan” dance to its traditional performance of the quintessential Ukrainian dance Hopak, Zorya offers a spirited and exciting combination of Ukrainian folk dance for your enjoyment.

Allen Community Band

Allen Community Band Christmas Concert

Sunday, December 17th 3:00 PM

’Twas the week before Christmas and everyone is too busy! Relax, take the afternoon off and join us for an incredible concert featuring famous songs of the season at 3 p.m., Sunday, December 17, in the library auditorium. Enjoy the sounds of the holidays performed by the Allen Community Band. Patrons are encouraged to arrive early as the band often performs to a full house.

Comprised of members of the parent organization, The Allen Community Jazz Band, under the direction of Keith Petersen, will begin the concert with outstanding jazz and swing arrangements of holiday music.

Under the leadership of Craig Logan, the Allen Community Band will perform Henry Fillmore’s “America Exultant,” a traditional march with the melodic line of America played by the low brass during the trio section.

White Christmas Movie

Holiday Movie – White Christmas (1954)

Tuesday, December 19th 7:00 PM

Irving Berlin’s holiday classic White Christmas will be featured at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, December 19 at the Allen Public Library, 300 N. Allen Dr.  Free!

Garnering an Oscar for the legendary World War II era film Casa Blanca, the film’s director Michael Curtiz is known for superb artistic lighting, high crane shots, and unusual camera angles, White Christmas is no exception.

Starring Oscar winner Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen, sisters Betty and Judy Haynes misunderstand the motives of Bob Wallace and Phil Davis when they arrange a special variety show at the struggling Vermont ski lodge of their revered old wartime commander, General Waverly.