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Allen Library Endowment Fund Raises Record Amount

A new record was set by the Allen Library Endowment Fund (ALEF) at its annual fundraiser in October. The organization raised more than $15,000 in ticket sales, donor gifts, and silent auction proceeds to help the Endowment Fund sustain the Library.

“We were really excited to see such a big show of enthusiasm and support,” said ALEF President Eileen Tollett. “We’ll soon begin planning for next year and we expect to make it even bigger.”

Attending the event were Mayor Ken Fulk and several members of the Allen City Council. City Manager Eric Ellwanger spoke in support of ALEF’s fundraising, noting that it helps fill gaps in city budgeting.

For the first time since the event’s inception, a silent auction supplemented the event’s ticket sales. Included in the auction was a facial rejuvenation package, a much-coveted dinner for four prepared by firefighters at the Allen Fire Department, a golf-package at Watter’s Creek Golf Course, an exclusive private tour of Allen Heritage Village, tickets to the Allen Event Center, original wildlife photography, a private Pilates fitness class, an original encaustic painting, and an assortment of goodie-filled gift baskets.

On display at the event were Library materials that included STEM kits (science, technology, engineering, math), a sample from the Library’s World Language Collection, e-books, and robotic kits – all funded by the Allen Library Endowment Fund.

For refreshments attendees enjoyed pairings of hand-made chocolate with wine, catered by Cocoa Vina. Charcuterie boards were donated by Market Street.

The Allen Library Endowment Fund is of critical importance to the continuing vitality and quality of the Library. Donations of any amount are always welcome. Checks may be made payable to Allen Library Endowment Fund and sent to 300 North Allen Drive, Allen, TX 75013.

Your Chance to Leave a Legacy

Visionary leaders of Allen created the Friends of the Allen Public Library Endowment Fund to increase the long-term financial strength of the library, enrich its capabilities, and expand its potential for the benefit of all Allen residents. With reductions to the state and federal funding, the Endowment Fund fundraising efforts are critical to the continued excellence of the Library.

Tax dollars can pay for a good library, and a committed community can make its library great. The Endowment Fund helps to give the community something of lasting value as well as access to diverse information, lifelong learning, entertainment resources, and services for Allen residents.

Support long-term library excellence through a gift today!


Endowment Fund Board of Managers

President Eileen Tollett
Vice President Jeanie Schulmeister
Treasurer Cindy Heller
Secretary Becky Breining

Vatsa Ramanathan

Ernie Pero

Kisten Fair

Anne French

Sathish Durairaj

Shari Shaw

Rekha Kumar

For more information on leaving a lasting legacy for the Allen Public Library and the Endowment Fund, contact the endowment fund board at allenlibraryendowfund@gmail.com.