Give Through the Ebby Advantage Program

Endowment Fund FlyerWhen buying or selling a home, it is common to team up with a real estate agent who assists in completing the transaction. As a member of the FOL you now have the opportunity to earn cash incentives when you choose a participating agent at Ebby Halliday Realtors to assist you with your real estate transaction anywhere in the United States.

A real estate agent earns a commission on your transaction, usually 3.0% of the sales price. You can now earn a cash incentive of 20% of that commission earned on the referred side by your agent once the transaction is closed. So, for example, if you sell or buy a home for $150,000 and the Ebby Halliday agent that you are working with earns a 3% referred side commission, this agent will earn $4,500.

In addition, because of your participation in this program, the agent will then pay you 20% ($900) of this $4,500 — and the agent will contribute another 5% ($225 in this example) to the Endowment Fund. You receive all of the benefits of working with a highly qualified, Ebby Halliday real estate agent plus you earn a cash incentive for yourself and the Endowment Fund!

It is easy to be eligible for this program.

  • First, you must not be working with any third-party relocation company.
  • Second, if you are selling a home, you cannot have a listing agreement in effect with another real estate broker.
  • And third, if purchasing a home, you must not have viewed any property that you actually intend to purchase or have already signed an agent agreement.

For a full explanation of the requirements and the program itself, visit the Ebby Advantage program website at for more information or call the Ebby Advantage Coordinator at 972-980-6636. You’ll be assigned a highly qualified agent who is participating in this special program. So please keep this unique program in mind when you are considering buying or selling a home. Earn a cash incentive for yourself and the Endowment Fund!